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Part #67: Before and after 3D WBS, in term of planning


Former state of the art of planning

Previously, when a schedule had to be built, the planners started to open a software dedicated to the project planning such as MS PROJECT or PRIMAVERA P6 and defined and built the schedule directly within the software.

They structured by iterations their project according to a top-down approach by breaking up the project into simple elements and manageable (classical WBS) directly within the planning software.

The schedule of the project was built gradually to lead to the final result.

Technique of planning with the 3D WBS

The 3D WBS method proposes a different approach of planning.

It results the observation that information must be structured before being integrated within the planning software.

The development of the WBS of the project or its breakown structure is not obtained anymore by an top-down approach or a bottom-up approach but by a mix between the elementary structures which compose the project, I mean: Zones, Products and Activities. The structure of project (WBS), I mean the whole of the tasks of the project coded, is obtained using the “WBS matrix” (prototype software).

The project is entirely defined within matrix WBS, then the resulting database is exported into the planning software to generate the schedule, in other words to create it.

To create a schedule with the 3D WBS method is 10 times faster than a classical method.

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